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Lawrence Hughes

    I've been making woodblock prints for about 30 years. My prints have been juried into numerous national and international exhibits in New York and California. I am currently shown in Dab Arts' International three volume work "Art in the Time of Corona". 

    I want my images to be interesting to look at. If they point to something deeper, all the better. Many of my prints are portraits of friends and family and of myself. But, I also make images as expressions of social commentary such as homelessness, political abuse, and white collar criminality. Most images are in black and white, but some use limited color. Each print is done by hand , not with a press. I use wood from the local lumber yard's scrap woodpile. This gives me the raw quality I'm looking for in the image.

    I studied drawing at California State University, Northridge, with Hans Burkhardt where I received my Bachelor of Music degree. I then went on to receive my Master of Music degree at New England Conservatory of Music. My primary profession is as a free-lance musician in the greater Los Angeles area for about 35 years now.

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